Mrs. Yung on Safari

This summer, my family and my husband's parents went to the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. We did lots of sightseeing and hunting and learned so much about a part of the world that is extremely different and FAR AWAY! Here’s me with  my impala below. The little guy with stripes further down on the page is my springbok. I shot both with a 7 mm rifle that had a silencer on it. My husband is shown with his hartebeest. We also saw lots of impala, elephants, and rhinos, as well as about 20 other species at Kruger National Park in the northern part of the country. We met so many great people of all colors on this trip and left with a new appreciation for a beautiful country that is slowly building a truly integrated society.

 I shot this springbok with a 7 mm rifle. That's a silencer on it so as not to scare everything else away.