Mr.Duarte's Class Rules



Classroom Rules

1. Be on time!

After three tardies, you will get a referral down to the office. At the start of each marking period, you begin with a clean slate. Tardiness will affect your attendance and participation grade each marking period.


2. Be in dress code!

All students must be in dress code before entering my classroom. You will get an automatic referral for dress code violations. And receive a zero as participation. 


3. Be ready to work!

You are seated at your desk 

when the bell rings working on your Daily Writing.


4.Cell phone policy: If you have your cell phone, ipod or any other technology I will take it and you will be written up. If you refuse to give up your technology, it will be considered insubordination and your House Principal will address the issue.


5.Attendance: If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up any missed assignments either after school or during a study hall. Work is NOT to be made up during class time unless approved by the teacher. Cutting class will result in an immediate referral to the appropriate House Principal.




1.        Strike 1: Verbal warning by me 2.       

2.      Strike2: Call home and/or detention

3.       Strike 3: Referral to administrator

4.       You’re out: Suspension by administrator

Martial"s Needed for My Class:  
  • 1"(inch) 3 Ringed Binder with 6 Tabs
    • Tab 1: _____
    • Tab 2: _____
    • Tab 3:______
    • Tab 4: ______
    • Tab 5: ______
    • Tab 6: ______
   A Blue or Black Pen/Loose Leaf Paper. 
              Martial"s Provide:                  
  • Each student will receive 6 Tabs but each student may write the name of each tab.
  • Language Arts Class: English Book-(If a student has  this book stolen,lost, or damaged your child is responsible for paying the fee 100$ if you refuse to pay the fee it will affect your child grade and may cause retention.
  • Each student will be assigned a  personal computer witch will be use for Daily Writing's and other educational activities. But if the computer is damaged your child is responsible for paying the fee 125$ if you refuse to pay the fee it will affect your child grade and may cause retention.  
  • History Class: Each student will be assigned a History Book.(If the book is damaged the student responsible for paying 100$
  • Personal Finance: Each student will receive a book for this class each student is responsible for their book.If this book is damaged the fee is 100$. If you refuse to pay the fee it will affect your child's grade and may cause retention.  
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