Mr. Twomey's 7th Grade Class

Welcome parents (and students) to my new webpage. I hope that this will help all of us become more organized and keep better lines of comunication open throughout the year. As you all know by now my name is Matt Twomey and I have your students for both English Language Arts and Geography. This is my 6th year teaching, and my 4th year at the C.G.S. I am also a graduate of the Comprehensive Grammar School and the Methuen Public School System. I am a member of the 2 person team in the seventh grade and teach along side a wonderful Science and Math teacher named Robin Stiles. Both Ms. Stiles and myself will be working very hard throughout the year to make sure that everyone of our students has a positive year in the seventh grade.

 My expectations for the year are really very simple. I expect every student to give me their very best every day because that is exactly what I try to give each of my students, and I expect students to realize that they have to raise their level of work as they enter the seventh grade. I try to explain to each of my students that as they enter the seventh grade they are 360 SCHOOL DAYS away from being high school freshmen. Therefore, they should expect as much from themselves as we expect from them on a daily basis. I want all of my students to have a positive, fun, experience all while learning everything they will need to prepare themselves for the eighth grade and beyond.

I hope that you will visit this site frequently to get updates on everything that we are doing in class, and if there is anything that you should need please feel free to contact me at .