English Language Arts

Here is where parents and students can find out what we are currently working on in our ELA classes. This year ELA will be a little bit different for our 7th grade students. We will be the first upper school class at the CGS to implement a true balanced literacy program into our curriculum. This means that the students will be working on writing and grammar 2 days a week, and reading and literature 3 days a week. This program will allow students to continue working on writing while receiving important 1 on 1 instructional time, and become even more interested in reading by conferencing with me about their understanding of their books and the various elements of literature.

Current Work Being Done: (Writing & Grammar)
  • Students are currently working on their 2nd rough draft of their Descriptive Essays.
  • Along with this essay they have been studying nouns and verbs so that they will have a better understanding of subject and predicate. This will help them to able to fix fragments and run-on sentences in their writing.
Current Work Being Done: (Reading)
  • Students are currently preparing for their next focus lesson while continuiung to read their books. However, I have recently created a new website for the students to be able to complete their responses on-line, and blog about their books. Here is the website if you would like to see what they are writing...http://reading-response-journals.wikispaces.com.