Ms. Rugg's Class

Welcome to Ms. Rugg's Classroom Website!  The purpose of this website is to provide students and parents with resources for continued practice of skills and concepts learned in school to happen at home.  Please check back for listings of current skills and concepts being covered, along with websites that will provide games and opportunities to practice these skills in a fun and interactive way!

The Braintree Public Schools Teachers' Favorite Websites Area is a great resouce for games and information in all subject areas and is organized by grade and subject.

Current Skills/Concepts Being Covered:


Please check out IXL: A great website that covers fourth grade math concepts by standard:

Visit for the Math Arcade where you can practice your math facts:

Continued practice of addition and subtraction of up to four digit numbers with and without regrouping.

Using rounding up to the hundred thousand's place to estimate sums and differences.

A continued practice of place value.

Time: Reading a clock accurately and using language to describe time; ten past, quarter past, half past, quarter of, ten of.

Elapsed time.



Continued review of answering "wh" questions (who, what, where, when, why, how)

Making inferences (using facts/details from the text to make an educated guess)

Main Idea


Check out this vocabulary website.  It has information on parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms, and a story creator:

We are working on writing high quality three and four paragraph essays.

We are working on using powerful topic sentences and closing sentences that make the reader want to continue reading.

We are working on editing to make sure out sentences are complete and include all of the important information the reader needs to know in order to understand the story.

We are working on using figurative language to make our writing exciting to the reader.


Thank you for reviewing the skills and concepts we are currently covering in Ms. Rugg's classroom.  It is my hope that the resources provided here will prove helpful and engaging to your child and well as informative and helpful to parents!