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to a new school year



this is where you will find assignments as well as links that relate to assignments that will help with complete assignments


I also have a you tube channel where I will tak about material and explain assignments also.


Don't be afriad to ask questions



Mr Vetch



Want to create a numbered list?

  1. You can talk about one fish.
  2. Two fish.
  3. Perhaps even red fish or blue fish.

Bulleted lists are fun too.

  • You can created a list of items.
  • Add as many items as you'd like.
    • You can even nest lists by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard.
  • But wait, there's more!
This is a table.  
  Tables are great for tabular data.
Or just putting things in order.  
  Right click tables for options.


You can create links to your other pages, or to any other page on the Internet. Want to link to your shiny new 

Have Fun!
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