Mr. Wallace's Classroom Website

Welcome to parents and friends of Mr. Wallace's Grade One class at Hartman Public School.

Current news:

  • Our current drama unit focuses on the book "The Sneetches" by Dr. Suess. It is about descrimination involving Star Belly Sneetches and Plain Belly Sneetches and the lessons they after a "fix-it-up chappie" named Sylvester McMonkey McBean pays them a visit. Ask your child about some of the drama and writing activities we are doing as we explore this funny and thoughtful story.
  • We are reading stories about 'Flat Stanley' — a boy who got squished flat by a bulletin board and can fit now in an envelope and travel around the world. We will be making our own Flat Stanleys to send out soon, as part of our letter writing unit.
  • The class trip to see Peter and the Wolf (featuring Fred Penner) has been rescheduled to April 16th (from Oct. 25).

Previous news:

  • We saw an colourful and entertaining performance The Music Arsenal on January 31st featuring music and characters from the Carnival of Animals by composer Camille Saint-Saens.
  • Musician and entertainer Chris McKool performed for us on the fiddle on October 17th.
  • We are learning how to "Be Cool" when resolving conflict, such as bullying, teasing and anger. Ask your child what a 'Hot", 'Cold' and "Cool' reaction to problems looks likes.