Mr. Wasserman's Class Website!

Hello class and parents! This site is meant as a way to check in with what is going on in our classroom while you are at home. 

The most useful part of this web site will be reminders of upcoming events such as field tripstestsquizzes, and project due dates

Below is a Twitter feed from my Twitter account, mrwasserman. The only thing I use Twitter for is to update this site with notices to parents about what is going on in school. 

There is a section of helpful links that are all related to school and what we will be learning about this year in fifth grade. There may be assignments over the year where you will have to do research - these links will be helpful!

The second sidebar is just for fun. I'll periodically add or change brain-challenging games on here like Sudoku puzzles, etc. Oh and don't forget to feed the fish in our class aquarium!

Down at the very bottom is a comments section just in case we need to use it for something!

Please look around and bookmark this site so that you can check up on what we are doing in class!