Editing and Revision - "Julius Caesar" timed writing


CIRCLE IN RED “to be” verbs: am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been. 

WRITE the original number of “to be” verbs and the edited number of “to be” verbs in the top margin. 

HIGHLIGHT the words: this, these, and those. 

UNDERLINE: the subject in each sentence. 

HIGHLIGHT the words: a lot, alot, great. 

HIGHLIGHT  the words: things, anything, everything, something, it.  


LOOK at the underlined nouns.  If all fall within the first few words of your sentence, you need to VARY your sentence beginnings. 

FOLLOW “this” “these” and “those” with a noun. 

REPLACE a lot, alot and great with more appropriate synonym. 

USE specific nouns to replace “things, anything, everything, something, it”. 

CHECK for a subject and predicate in each sentence.  Correct any run ons or fragments. 

READ each sentence starting from the last sentence in your paper – correct punctuation and spelling errors. 

ELABORATE on any areas that need more detail or explanation.  Your paragraphs should be balanced. 

MAKE any other stylistic or mechanical changes you deem necessary.