Physical Science


SO sorry I am behind. I had bronchitis and then broke my arm. The grades are up-to-date as of 3/29

We've covered natural  disasters as tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes.  We studied radioactivity as well.  All of these are in our book and curriculum later on, but I wanted to touch on them while they were 'hot topics'

As of late, we've been doing motion and simple machines.  Today, we looked at hos the roller coaster applies to the laws of physics in a video.

Wed, we will be taking notes and beginning a packet over motion. Students will be shown their grades and what they are missing.

Thurs, students will finish the packet and start on notes on acceleration.

Friday-  The students will have a book assinment over accelration.


Time is flying fast.  Students need to make sure they are getting their grade to the point they want it at.  In order to help those who are in danger of dropping their grades too low, I will be adding the policy if students have two zeros on assignments form 3//28 on, they will get a detention so they can finish their work. They are given plenty of time to do the assignments in class. If they have a zero, it is only because they haven't handed anything in.