Explorer Project


Due Monday: December 10th

In Memory Of…

Explorer Obituary Project

Part 1



  • Full name of the deceased, including nickname, if any
  • Age at death
  • Day and date of death (remember to include the year)
  • Place of death
  • Cause of death
  •  LIFE
    • Date of birth 
    • Place of birth
    • Names of parents
    • Childhood: siblings, stories, schools, friends
    • Marriage(s): date of, place, name of spouse
    • Education: school, college, university and other
    • Known For… Areas explored
    • Employment: jobs, activities, stories, 
    • Places where they lived or traveled
    • How they treated the native people
    • Disappointments- what they did wrong or did not achieve
    • Your thoughts


  •   END
  • Why we remember them
  • ABC poem 
  • Three – Five words that sum up the life 



Part 2:


Draw a Picture of the explorer you selected