6th Grade-Math7th Grade -Math8th Grade-Math8th Grade
areadistributive propertyConstitution Vocabulary
circumferenceunit rateEquationregulate
diameterrate tableExponential relationshipcommerce
heightaveragefixed (in the sense of unchanging)execution
perimeterdenominatorLike termsexport
pi (p)dependentLinear relationshipmandate(d)
radiusequationLinear termlobby (lobbies)
widthequivalenceMaximum valuelobbyist
congruentindependentMinimum valueinteract
fixed (in the sense of unchanging)percentQuadratic expressionsparticipatory
leastvariablesQuadratic termconcise
greatestQuadratic Relationshipsociety
constantComparing & Scaling: pg. 41-42 #4-10merit


Vocabulary Contract Activities: 

You must complete 50 points worth of activities to receive a 100%.  You must label each activity with the number, the activity title, and the date.  Staple all papers together, with this contract on top, when turning in the assignment.  Make sure you spell ALL words correctly on each activity.  This homework is meant to help you increase your vocabulary knowledge and prepare for your test.  Do not wait until the last night to do all of your activities.  Waiting will not benefit you in any way. Late vocabulary homework will not be accepted.  Each vocabulary activity is worth 10 POINTS.

 1. Write 3 SYNONYMS for each word. 

2. Write 1 rhyming word or phrase for each word.

 3. Write definitions for each word on paper.  If word has multiple meanings, all definitions must be written. 

 4. Create a short sensible story using your words. 

5. Create a set of CONCENTRATION matching cards (word and definition must be written on separate cards). 

6. Create a crossword puzzle using the definitions for the words for clues. 

7.  Write the origin of each word (or root). 

8. Use each word in a sentence.  All sentences must have at least 7 words.

9. Sort and classify words (explain sorting and classification rationale). 

10.  Write haiku poems for five of the words. (Haiku poems consist of 3 lines.  The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. )

11.  Create an acrostic poem that describes or tells a brief story about one of the vocabulary words.  (For example...  If you were writing an acrostic poem with the topic word "pumpkin" the title would be pumpkin and each line of the poem would start with one of the letters in the word pumpkin.)

12.  Create a collage of newspaper/magazine sentences using each vocabulary word. 

13.  Write 2 antonyms for each word.