About Mrs. Angie

About Mrs. Angie 

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Pre-K 3 at Discovery Point #22! We have a very busy and exciting year in store for us! Let me introduce myself. My name is Angelica (Angie) Tapia. I am originally from Los Angeles, California, but moved to Gwinnett County two yrs. ago.  I have been married for more than 10 years and have three beautiful children; Yulissa, age 11, Daniel, age 6, and Analiese, age 3.  I enjoy relaxing with family and friends, reading, taking walks in the park, and watching movies.

Me and my oldest daughter.


My husband and two youngest at Stone Mountain Park.

Learning is a lifetime goal of mine. I got a Bachelors of Science degree in both Liberal Arts and Spanish, with an emphasis in Education from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles (http://www.lmu.edu).  I then completed my Clear Teachers Credential Pre-K -12 from National University in Los Angeles (http://www.nu.edu).  I have since been certified to teach (Pre-K - 6) in the state of Georgia. 

My first year, I taught first grade in an inner-city school in Inglewood, CA. I then looped with my class to second grade, where I taught for 5 years.  My last year in CA, I again looped with my class, as teacher and head of third-grade.  After moving to Georgia, I took a year off to spend with my family.  I was fortunate last year to find myself as Pre-K teacher and to be among such professional staff at Discovery Point.  This will be my second year as a lead teacher. 

I realize that teaching your child is a privilege, as well as a tremendous responsibility. I will do my best this year to ensure that each student has a motivating and safe learning experience in the classroom. I know with your help that we are going to have a great year!


Mrs. Angie Tapia

I took a survey a friend sent me...... maybe it will give you a little more on who Mrs. Angie is......

These are some of my favorite things:

Colors: It depends on my mood, but my top colors are olive green, red, and blue

Foods I Can't Say No To: dried fruits, trail-mix, white chocolate

Drinks: Water!!! Lemonade, Cherry Kool-Aid, frozen coffe drinks and Caramel Macchiato

Music: Many types. Again, it depends on my mood. I like Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, Classical, Country...a little bit of everything except rap and jazz.

Places to eat: Don't really go out much (at least not in today's economy).  My family usually enjoys eating at home (although I don't always feel like cooking!).  But once in a while when we go out, I've enjoyed - Cici's Pizza, Subway, Golden Palace, Chili's, Atlanta Bread, Olive Garden.

Favorite movies: There are too many!  Born and raised in the Hollywood state I am a true movie fanatic.  If I could, I would be at the movie theatre every week.  This summer my favorite had to be Harry Potter (our DP owners converted me this summer into a Harry fan!) I enjoy comedy, romance, horror, indie.... all genres are fine with me!

Collections: movies! (what a surprise), books, bears, candles

TV shows: I watch movies, but only when I have time, unfortunately I don't know how to answer this question simply because I don't even know what is on .... I used to watch Fringe and House....but I haven't in a while.  Any new shows you suggest?



In addition to our two conference periods (December and May), I am always available to meet or speak with you. If it is not urgent, please jot a note in your child's communication folder and I will respond as soon as possible. You may call the school or e-mail me as well. In return, I will contact you by note or telephone if there is something that I'd like to discuss.

School # (770) 886-3388

Email:  angelicangietapia@yahoo.com