Carrying Out the Investigation



Each group will receive a foil pan, potting soil, clay, sand, rocks, one Styrofoam bowl, ice dubes, 500 mL of water, data sheet, pencil, clipboard 
Each class will need a rain bottle for teacher use  


     Use the foil pan as the base in which your mountain will be built.  The pan will also serve as a container to catch run-off and eroded materials.  Use the styrofoam bowl as a base for your mountain.  Build your mountain by using any or all of the provided materials.  Devise a plan that includes all members of your group.  On your data sheet, write down why your group predicts your mountain will best withstand the water that will simulate running water erosion.
     As a team, create your mountain.  Your teacher will be coming around to observe your teamwork and assembly and will ask questions about your plan and prediction.  Once your team has completed your mountain, let your teacher know and step away from the table.  When all groups have finished, we will observe the erosion simulation.
     Watch as your teacher uses a rain bottle to simulate water erosion on each group's mountain.  Record the results for each group on your data sheet.  Upon return to the classroom, explain why you think each outcome occurred.  Suggest improvements that could be made and tell why you think these improvements would help.  Your data sheet and reflections will be placed in your science notebook.