College Prep

Preparing for College

Steps and links to help you prepare for college.

Plan steps you will take to prepare for college.

Think about all of the steps you will need to take to get ready for college studies, select a school, apply for acceptance, and succeed in postsecondary studies.

Know your learning style.

Are you a visual, auditory, or tactile learner? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Are you a concrete thinker or an intuitive thinker? As you set college and career goals, it is helpful to know your learning style so that you can adjust your study habits to be most productive and build on your strengths.

Become academically prepared for college.

Take classes that will prepare you for college entrance requirements and earn good grades. Develop study skills that work for you.

Assess your skills, interests, and personality as you consider potential academic fields of study to pursue.

Selecting a college, a major field of study, and courses is easier if you have career areas in mind. It is also important, however, to keep your mind open to new areas of study and employment as you learn new things.

Consider different types of degrees and schools.

Find out about all of your postsecondary academic options and decide which type of school is best for you, given your academic preparation, career interests, and personal preferences. Consider technical schools, community colleges, four-year universities, and other postsecondary options.

Explore colleges and universities.

You can learn a lot about colleges you hope to attend by exploring their websites. You can find out about entrance requirements, degrees offered, size, tuition, student services, and campus life.