Anonymous Poetry

 Anonymous poetry by our illustrious students -

The Falling of a Nation

Three years now past since that awful day, if you had warned me beforehand, I would have said no way. 

Their purpose was to weaken the nation, but they failed and created an angry sensation. 

Throughout the nation our people rose, to support and fight for the ones who were chose’.

To die that day before their time - the victims of that horrendous crime

“Attack!” our angry nation said.  “Make those who killed now be dead!”

And thus began this awful war, that is splitting the country to more than just rich from poor.

United we must be in order to succeed, to defeat the evil of wealth and greed.

That was infected into our country so great, and made us fight within because of hate.

Not with fists or bombs or guns, but with words, politics and awful shuns.

So “Stop!” I say, to this senseless fighting, and once again make this country delighting.

Focus on the problems within our home, and not the ones out to roam.

For if we become too weak inside, we will lose our countries unbreakable pride. 

Anonymous Haiku

A very old dog                                                  lying on the padded sheets

looks around very stiffly,                                   clouds above looking at me

he lays down again                                            down the path of sunny days

                                                                         under the tree with apples

                                             *  *  *  *  *

Waves hitting the shore                                   Holding the basketball

     of the ocean...                                            running up and down the court

smell the salt water                                                       leading the team

                                            *  *  *  *  * 

snow is blowing around                                   through the fingerprints

blanketing the earth's surface                           on my stained glass window

all is silent                                                       colored flowers grow

                                           *  *  *  *  *

through the scope I looked

at the young skipper eating

the apple-like treats

                                           *  *  *  *  *


Wow, my shoes hurt.

I wear my feelings on my

feet.  1237 Q 48.


You may consider watching TV

with blueberry pie on the antenna,

but only if it's a Monday in August,

because of my knee condition.