Centers are the best way for students to learn.  They get to play and learn at the same time.  The following are a list of a few centers and some details about them. 

Blocks:       blocks  The block center is the perfect place for students to work on their large motor skills and to use their imagination.  In this area the students have a large area to spread out and create.  Based on what we are learning in class the students will build things that go along.  For example, if we are learning about fire fighters then we will have the students build houses and then send the play fire trucks to the houses.

Writing:  writing  The writing center is for the students to work on their writing skills and to stretch their imagination.  Sometimes the students have a prompt to write from and other times they are able to free write.  I have to say that the students enjoy free writing more than anything.  An example of a prompt would be, write me a story about your summer vaction.

Reading: reading  The reading center is very popular!  The students love to go into the reading tent and read books to each other.  Also in the reading center are a tape player with books on tape.  The books on tape are a little more difficult than what the students are reading at the time, but it gives the students a taste of what they will soon be reading.  **Parents are welcome to donate books to out library at any time.**  We can always use more!!

As the year goes on I will add/change out the centers on this page.  This way you can see all of the centers in the classroom.  You are also welcome to come visit the classroom at any time.