Language Arts Skill Practice

Reading (Read Imaginative Genre stories online)



Word Analysis  (Prefixes and Suffixes)


Written Conventions  (misused words)


Word Analysis  (Root Words)


Written Conventions  (Prepositional Phrases and other parts of speech)


Word Analysis (Greek and Latin)


Written Conventions  (Misuesd words/plurals)


Written Conventions  (Prefixes and Suffixes)


 Context Clues and Word Analysis  (Prefix and Suffixes as Clues)


Word Analysis (Greek and Latin Root Words)


Written Conventions  (Vocabulary Study Using Word Parts)


Written Conventions  (Spelling Prefixes and Suffixes)


Word Analysis  (Synonyms)(Blackford Class Favorite)


Word Analysis  (Onomatopoeia focus)


Word Analysis (Read books online)


Writing  (Paragraph Writing and Author's Purpose)


Reading  (Expository/Main Idea and Details)


Written Conventions  (Capitals and Punctuation)


Word Analysis  (Synonyms and Antonyms)


Written Conventions  (Capitals and Punctuation)








 (Paragraphs and Author's Purpose)