Star Student


          I am very excited to learn about each of my new students!Every week we will have a Star Student. This allows students to celebrate and learn about each other. I will assign each student's week to begin after the first month of school, to allow everyone to settle in. I will update this page weekly to ensure the current student is recognized. I will also include the next student on the Friday before their week begins. I will, also, send home a poster on the Friday before your child's assigned week. He or she will be encouraged to include information about him or herself to share with the class. 

The poster should include:

  • Family members living at home
  • Favorite things
  • Activities or sports
  • Mementos
  • Photos

But it could also include:

  • Drawings
  • Family origins or culture
  • Family artifacts to show the class
  • Anything else your child wants to include


(I will try to assign each student's week to coincide with his or her birthday. If not, I will make it as close as I can. Summer and holiday birthdays will be chosen at random, and spread evenly throughout the year.)

Below, I have included examples of previous students with their posters. If you have and other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.