Geography Terms

Geography Terms Part A   

Bay                      Part of an ocean or lake extending into land        

Canal                   A waterway dug across land for ships to pass through 

Cape                       A point of land extending into a body of water 

Desert                A dry, barren region that is usually sandy and without trees 

Gulf                     Part of an ocean extending into the land usually larger that a bay 

Harbor                A sheltered area of water where ships can anchor safety 

Hills                     Raised parts of the earth’s surface, with sloping sides; smaller than mountains 

Island                  An area of land completely surrounded by water 

Lake                    A large body of water surrounded by land 

Mountain            A landform with high elevation and a pointed or round top, higher than a hill         

Geography Terms Part B 

Mountain Range        A row of connected mountains 

Oasis                            A fertile place in the desert that has water and vegetation 

Ocean                          The great body of salt water that covers almost ¾ of the earth’s surface 

Peninsula                    Land surrounded by water on all sides but one 

Plain                              A broad flat or gently rolling area high above sea level 

Plateau                         A land area with a flat surface raised sharply above the adjacent land at least on one side 

River                             A large stream of water that flows into a lake, ocean, or other body of water 

Sound                          A body of water separating a large island from the mainland; an inlet of the ocean 

Swamp                         Low, wet land that supports grass and trees 

Valley                           Low land between hills or mountains