Open Court Unit One

Comprehension QuestionsSet 1 1.       Where would you find the tundra, and what does the tundra look like?2.       How do Miyax's people persevere in their environment?

3.       What is a gussak?

4.       How do the wolves survive on the tundra?5.       Why is Miyax alone and lost on the tundra?6.       Describe three instances in the story where Miyax perseveres.7.       Describe the wolf pack Miyax encounters.8.       How do the wolves organize their society?9.       How do the wolves show submission?10.  How does Miyax feel about wolf society?11.  What does Miyax admire about Amaroq's personality?12.  At the end of the story, how does Miyax feel about Amaroq?Set 21.       Why does Miyax get stranded in the wilderness?2.       Do you feel that Miyax had a good reason for running away?3.       Who taught Miyax her survival skills?4.       How does a wolf pack save the life of Miyax's father?5.       Why does Miyax choose to be friends with the wolf pack leader?6.       How is a wolf pack like human society?7.       How do wolves show submission?8.       In your opinion, does Miyax have the necessary skills to survive in the wilderness?9.       Where was Miyax going when she ran away?

10.  How does Miyax persevere?

On Top of the World


1. ascent

2. averted

3. expedition

4. insulation

5. summit

6. Sherpa

7. Buddhist

Comprehension Questions

Set 1 1.           Describe Mount Everest, particularly the height and the conditions of the mountain.2.           Where is Mount Everest located?3.           What are climbers forced to endure when they try to climb Mount Everest?4.           Describe some of the tools necessary to make the trip up Mount Everest.5.           What countries were represented in the expedition?6.           What are the climbers almost forced to quit their ascent up the mountain?7.           Why do people feel the need to climb Mount Everest, and why do you think people love challenges?8.           How did the mountain climbers persevere?9.           What year did the first American climbers traverse Mount Everest?10.       What was special about the 1989 Mount Everest expedition?

Set 2

1.           Describe the Hillary expedition - how many men were a part of the group?2.           What religion were the priests the men encountered, and what did they do for the men?3.           Describe the villagers in the story - tell what they did for the men.

4.           Name the two men that reached the top of the mountain?

5.           What almost stopped Hillary and Tenzing from reaching the top?6.           What happened to George Mallory and Andrew Irvine when they tried to climb the mountain?7.           How does perseverance aid mountain climbers?8.           List a few interesting facts about other expeditions.9.           How does this story seem similar to "The Fire Builder?" 

10.       Why is perseverance such an important theme?

St. George and the Dragon

bellowed - made a loud, roaring sound

brandished - wave a weapon in a threatening manner

devour - eat greedily

perils - dangers

severed - cut off

Story 5=A Picture Book of Jesse Owens

exhibition - a public display - 86

pneumonia - a serious lung disease - 77

prejudice - fear or suspicion of a group, race or religion - 84

sharecroppers - farmers who pay rent by sharing the crops with the landlord of the land they are living on - 76

spectacle - a grand public performance , or making a fool of yourself- 86

Back to the Drawing Board

calculations - mathematical data - 93

erratic - unpredictable - 106

elated - 107 - very happy

descent  - 97 - the process of going downward

stabilize - 94 - make steady

thrust - 100 - driving force