Confusing Words

uConfusing Words  - Part One Accept is a verb:

Accept the apology and be friends again..

Except is a preposition meaning to exclude:

I do not like sports except for swimming.

“All ready” means “prepared”=

The class next door was all ready to go to detention.

“Already” means ‘previous” =We  had already begun to get on the bus.  “Besides” means in addition to=

Our class won all the awards, besides being the best-looking.

“Beside” means at the side ofStand beside me and guide me. “Bring” means to carry something from far to near

Bring me a present from London, please.

“Take” means to carry something from a near place to a farther place

Take this invitation over to your grandmother’s house.

     uConfusing Words  - Part Two “Farther” refers to actual distance

The cabins were farther away than I remembered

“Further” refers to abstract distance-(you can’t measure it with a ruler)

Please don’t speak any further about the incident.

“Good” is an adjective and describes a person, place or thing.

Colonel Fitzwilliam is a good friend to Mr. Darcy.

“Well” is an adverb and describes a verb/action.Mr. Bingley dances very well.  “Lie” means to reclineI am going to lie on the sofa all afternoon.Lay” means to placeRomeo, lay that sword down before you are banished by the prince of Verona! “Rise “– to move upwardThe sun will rise in the eastern sky.“Raise” – to move something upwardRaise your hands if you think you are cute. Set “means “to place”

Set the cup down.

“Sit “means to be seated.

Sit on the chair until you are rested.