Music, Grades K-5

Welcome to Ms. Bush's Music Class!




Welcome to music class! It is my privilege to foster the musical growth of every student at Excelsior Charter Academy. Music plays an important role in our everyday lives and within our various cultures. It is imperative that we expose our children to this intricate art at an early age, as statistics have shown that music is beneficial to the academic growth and development of our children. Through understanding beat, rhythm, and scales, children are learning how to divide, create fractions, and recognize patterns. Music is math!

In my class, students will receive a vast variety of musical knowledge. They will learn a combination of music theory (note values, rhythmic dictation, solfege, and reading music), music history, (the various eras in classical music along with famous composers), and music appreciation (a plethora of musical genres, families of musical instruments, etc.) I am excited to see the impact that music will have on the students’ lives collectively throughout the remainder of the school year. I look forward to witnessing their academic progress through music!

Classroom Rules

  1. Respect eachother at ALL times. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves.
  2. Ask for permission to speak by raising your hand. (Not while the teacher is talking or giving instructions.)
  3. Give your undivided attention to the teacher when required.
  4. Use the restroom BEFORE class. The answer is NO.
  5. Follow the dress code accordingly.
  6. NO electronics are allowed.
  7. Tests and quizzes are to be completed individually. No exceptions.
  8. Disciplinary issues will NOT be tolerated.
  9. Stay on task. Participation is REQUIRED!

Music Word of the Day

Students will be assigned a musical term and definition every day they enter class. This will give them the opportunity to increase their musical vocabulary. Each class, I will correlate the assigned word and apply it to the activity for that class period.

Music Composer of the Month

Each month will be designated to learn about a famous classical composer. They will learn about their life history and famous classical works they composed.

Rhythm Exercises

On a weekly basis, I will allow students to engage by clapping new rhythm exercises that I assign them. I will base the rhythm exercises on the note values they have learned in class.

Listening Skills

Students will have the opportunity to listen to a variety of music literature. I will expose them to music from the Western Civilization period, giving them the opportunity to become familiarized with classical music and the composers of which they learned about. Occasionally, I will play a piece of music they have heard and they will be required to identify the name of the piece, the composer who wrote it, and the era from which it derived. Exposure to other genres will be included in the curriculum as well.


Students will be able to sing and use their voices often. They will become acquainted with their vocal range (alto, tenor, soprano), how to properly control their diaphragm, and learn songs that will help them exercise their vocal chords. They will learn songs such as America the Beautiful, the Star Spangled Banner, and the Black National Anthem, Lift Every Voice.  I will also teach them solfege (do, re, mi) which will better familiarize them with different pitches and will develop their musical ear and singing skills.




Assignments, Handouts

Music worksheets/assignments will be given based upon what the students have learned in class and throughout the school year. Assignments that are either given in class or for homework are expected to be done to the best of the students’ ability.

Tests & Quizzes

Students’ individual musical knowledge will be assessed on a biweekly and monthly basis due to the large volume of classes and limited time frame allotted for music class.


Students will be given the opportunity to express their musical creativity through various projects, songwriting, composing, and more.

Grading Scale

100-90: A

89-80: B

79-70: C

69-60: D

59-0: F



 Black 3-ring binder

 5 Dividers

  black composition notebook

  manuscript paper (staff paper)

  PENCIL ONLY POLICY (I encourage the students not to use pens because in music, they will

                                               be erasing often.)