Co-op Parents

I enjoy being at SSDS where parents are involved in the education of their children. I am happy and excited to have you in my classroom! Your help is appreciated and co-opping is a lot of fun! Please arrive at the school by 9:00 AM. When you arrive, please look for the co-op parent spot (on the shelf in the kids backpack area) where you can hang your coat and put your coffee/drink, and belongings. Don’t forget to pack a snack and a lunch. Co-op responsibilities are posted in the classroom near the handwashing station. I may not be in the classroom when you arrive. I may be in the teachers work room, speaking with my team, or grabbing early bird kiddos. Please get yourself comfortable, read over the co-op responsibilities sheet, or read a book to your child and I will be in the classroom shortly. We will head out to the playground at 9:10 to start our day. Please feel free to ask questions throughout your co-op shift. I am always happy to help. I look forward to spending time with you in the classroom. You are an important part of SSDS!