Pre-K Curriculum

The theme for Pre- K at SSDS is “A Trip Around the World”.  Your child will take an imaginary trip around the world this school year through a variety of play based activities, projects, and lessons.  We will explore the United States of America, India, France, Mexico, China, Antarctica and the Artic, Ireland, The Continent of Africa, Ancient Egypt, and Australia.  Although we won’t visit all continents and countries in the world, our goal is to open your child’s eyes to our big, beautiful, and wonderful world!  Through our imaginary travels, your child will enjoy learning about the cultures, traditions, animals, food, folk tales, art, and music from the above locations. Throughout our travels, we will also be working on preparing your child for kindergarten through the integration of fun activities, lessons (letters and letter sounds, numbers and counting, colors, shapes), centers, and games. These activities are built on enhancing fine and gross motor skills, pre- literacy and writing skills, math, science, and social/emotional development.