Creative Writing - Mr. Schaefer

Creative Writing 

Mr. Schaefer

Portsmouth Abbey Summer Program 2012


Welcome to the Summer Program at Portsmouth Abbey! This class is Creative Writing. We will learn how to express ourselves in the written form by composing memoir, poetry, and short stories. We will examine other works for examples, as well as edit each other's work through in-class, peer review workshops. You must complete your homework on time each day, not only beause you will earn a grade, but also because other students will be relying upon you as a peer-editor. Grades for creative work may seem to be subjective, but you will earn marks based upon the quality of revisions, display of imagination, and demonstration of techniques learned from our model writings.  

Memoir Unit: 25%

Poetry Unit: 25%

Short Story Unit: 50%  

Week 1 -2 Memoir and Poetry  

Week 3-4 Short Story  

Monday, July 2 - Introduction to class - Short Bio Paragraph 

Tuesday, July 3 - Short Bio Paragraph; Introduce Memoir  

Wednesday, July 4 - Special Assignment 

Thursday, July 5 - Read Examples of Memoir 

Friday, July 6 - Work on Memoir 

Saturday, July 7 - Memoir Due for Peer Rewiew. 

Monday, July 9 - Final Draft of Memoir Due - Read in Class

Homework: Poetry Introduction - Poem Journal - Select one poem from Poetry 180. Explain what you think it means, why you picked it, and a line or two that speaks to you. This should be at least 1/2 of a page. 

Tuesday, July 10 - Select Poems (Poetry 180). Poem Journal due. Read Poem Journals in class.   

Wednesday, July 12 - Poetic Techniques and Forms  Poem Journal #1

due Thursday, July 13 - Compose Poetry! 1 poem of at least ten lines each (any style, no format)  Poem Journal #2 and 180 Poetry intro quiz  

due Friday,July 14  -  Compose Poetry! 1 poem of selected form of at least ten lines (indicate form) Poem Journal #3


due Saturday, July 15 - Compose Poetry! 1 poem of 2nd selected form of at least ten lines (different from 1st) (indicate first) Peer Review

due Tuesday, July 16 - Hand in "What I did this weekend" paragraph (in class writing from Monday); read narrative poetry links, "The Raven" and "The Ride of Paul Revere". Compose a paragraph summary (5-10 sentences) explaining the story being told. If you need to look information up on the Interet, that is OK, but try to come up with everything on your own. If you do use the Internet, please make sure you indicate the website where you retrieved the information. "The Raven" "The Ride of Paul Revere" 

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Memoir - Read at least one memoir pieces from here. Read at least one memoir piece from here. 

Journal #1 - Briefly summarzie each memoir your chose. You will chose one from each website (two total). Explain what you liked about the memoir and why you think it was worthy of being published online. Please provide the title and the author of each memoir. Read this for Tuesday night. You will have a short quiz on this in class to make sure you read it.  

July 4 - Special Assignment  


July 16 -