Ms. Cihla- 8th Grade Gold- Instructional



I am the Special Education Instructional teacher for 8th grade Gold Team.   This page will be brief, and hopefully will answer all your questions.  If not, please see my contact page and get in touch with me.


  • There will not be homework assigned.  All work is done in class, and rarely (never) sent home.
  • I adhere to the district grading policy, but am flexible within my classroom when it comes to corrections, adaptations, modifications, etc.  
  • For all tests, quizzes and some assignments falling below a C, students can arrange to correct this for a better grade.
  • If the entire class does poorly on an assignment, then this is a problem with my teaching, and I will rectify the situation by reteaching, and completing the assignment as a group for a different grade.
  • I welcome all communication from parents and guardians.  We are equal partners in your child's education, and who knows them better than you?
  • I do expect all my students to work when it is time in class.
  • I have high expectations, and hold students to them.  But, I am flexible on their needs.


Much of their curriculum is online.  They will access this here, but if they have internet access at home, they can complete portions from home as well.  Please be aware that it is not required that they do.

I will send out weekly updates on what is being worked on with the daily assignments so that you are aware of what we are working on in class.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you see a missing assignment, or want clarification on something.



I am looking forward to this being a great year for us all!!!