Classroom Agenda     

                                                                                               08/11/14 – 08/15/14

                                                                                          (Schedule subject to change)



In Math, we’ll focus on Place Value, Value, Rounding, and Front-End Stimation. Problem Solving. Quiz on Friday.

 In Reading , we’ll work on Story Elements as well as Compare & Contrast Characters w/Supporting Details. Quiz on Friday. 

 In ELA ., we’ll learn more about Parts of Speech and Types of Sentences. Quiz on Friday.

 Word Study test s on Fridays. In Science  , we’ll investigate more about The Water Cycle. Group Poster due on Friday (in class).

 In Social Studies , we’ll learn more about USA Regions and Major Landforms. Saltdough Physical Map Project due on 08/22.

 In Word Study , we’ll study Affixes: pre, re, in, im, non--INDEX CARDS w/vocabulary content. Quiz will be on Fridays.

Words of the week: Water Cycle, Place Value, Prefix, Setting, and Region.

In Writing, we’ll focus on Opinion: Main Idea, Details, and Conclusions. Journal Assessment will be on Fridays. Book Report on Media Center books due on Fridays.

 Special : Please check ROTATIONS

Always REVIEW your notes!

(Schedule subject to change)

 For Your Information

Study Island: Homework assignments also will be given on-line. As well as Make-Up opportunities.

Friday Folder: When you child brings an unsastisfactory grade on a assignment/assessment. Please have him/her review, make the proper corrections with a brief explanation, and resubmit it for credit

Index Cards: Based on Green/Latin Roots, Affixes, AS WELL AS content subjects & most common used words.

Reading Log: It will be checked on daily basis. NIGHTLY READING IS ESSENTIAL in your child's academic growth!

Book Report: Based on Medica Center Books your child checks out on Mondays. 

Lunch & Learn: has been established to provide your child with an additional opportunity to complete unfinished class assignments with additional assistance.

Homework: "Academic Success" is closely tied to your child's individual practice of material taught in class. Please make sure that your child does his/her best and comes prepare to school.

JUST IN CASE: When your child receives back a class assignment with a "REDO" or "Incomplete" note, please encourage him/her to make the proper corrections and return it to me for update on my records.

BrainPop (can be retaken & turned in for credit).


Always REVIEW your notes!


Important Notes

  • Please check and initial your child's agenda nightly!
  • The expectation in 2nd grade is to read the minimum of 20 minutes every night. Reading Log information...COMING SOON!!
  • Practice 5 minutes of math least!
  • In-class Reading assignments are based on Science & Soc. Studies.

               **Smarty Pants Recognition ***                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Study Island Top Ribbon Scorers:

       Big 20: 

       100 Multiplication in 5 minutes:

       100 Additions in 5 Minutes: 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ***Star Students of the Week ***   

Ryne for his willingness and eargerness to keep me on track. KEEP IT UP!