Classroom Expectations

Classroom Management Plan

“Imagine, Believe, Achieve”


In order to have the safest and most profitable learning environment for the children in our class, I ask that all students follow the classroom rules listed below. It is very important that your child knows that you and I expect them to follow the rules at all times:


Classroom Expectations

  1. Come to school everyday prepared with supplies, assignments, and ready to learn.
  2. Follow directions the 1st time given
  3. Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged before speaking or leaving your seat
  4. Show respect in words and actions to all classmates, teachers, and their belongings
  5. Be responsible for your own actions
  6. Keep to your own personal space



  1. Verbal warning
  2. Move clip - 10 min loss of recess (detention)
  3. Move clip again- Full recess detention and Reflection Station worksheet (needs to be signed by parent and returned)
  4. Move clip again- Call home to parents (request parent conference)
  5. Administrator


Second grade will use a color code and numerical system for behavior management.  Each child begins their day on the color Green with 5 daily points. With each infraction the child will lose 1 point and move their clip to the next color below.  Students are given the opportunity throughout the day to earn the points back and move up on the color chart.  Good behavior is expected and will be rewarded accordingly.