Homework Policy


**Students copy their homework into their agenda book every morning.  They will be bring their agenda home for you to review and sign daily.  If there are any questions please attach the note in their agenda book or email me.

Homework is an important bridge between school and home.  Every student in Prince George’s County is required to complete homework every day.  In order for your child to be successful in 2nd grade they must complete homework on a daily basis in spelling, math and reading.


The most successful students read every day.  Students are to read every night for 20 minutes.  They must then write the title and author on their reading homework calendar (located in their GREEN homework folder). Students must also complete the current reading strategy located on the back of the Calendar.  **Please make sure you initial their calendar every night after your child has read.


Students will have a Math assignment every night.   Typically, they will have a math worksheet that will contain a review of the lesson from that day and a review of previously taught lessons. When your student has a math test, in class, they will not have a worksheet. However, it is expected that they practice their addition and subtraction math facts for 15 minutes each night.  I encourage students to make flash cards to help practice math facts.


Spelling homework rotates on a six day cycle, along with the reading calendar.  On the first day of a new story each student will receive a Tic-Tac-Toe board.  The board will include activities that require students to practice a variety of skills including writing sentences, phonics, and current skills being taught in the classroom. Students are required to complete three in a row and MUST use the center square. Work should be completed in their spelling journals and submitted by the date indicated on the Tic-Tac-Toe board. Parents must initial inside each square that their child completed. The board must be returned with the work and signatures by the due date. The Tic Tac Toe board will be updated every 6 days.


Once or twice a week students will be required to complete homework in science, social studies, or health.  Homework will be directly related to current instruction in the classroom.  The type of homework will vary and may include worksheets, readings, and/or projects.  If reading is assigned, including a worksheet that requires reading a passage, it may be used as part of the students reading log/ calendar.

Your child’s agenda book will continue to be the most up-to-date source of accurate homework information.