Classroom Newsletter

Updated Friday January 15..... ( still under Construction)


At the end of each month the school counselor ask teachers to choose a student who does the BEST job of expressing the character trait of the month. January student will be selected at the end of January.

**PARENTS Remember there is NO SCHOOL on Monday January 18, 2010 in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday. 

**Classroom Volunteers are always welcomed.  If you have a free day come spend an hour with us.


This week the students will discuss the following.........

Mathematics: Chapter 8 Time

Students will review time past the hour and before the hour using an analog and digital clock.  

Ask students to tell you another time for 4:15 ( quarter past 4), 6:30 ( half past 6) and 7:45 ( quarter to 8).


Science:  Chapter 7 Dinosaurs and Fossils

 Test on Friday January 15, 2010


Health: Chapter 4 Healthy Foods


Social Studies: Unit 4 Services in the Community

Business card Project 


Reading / Language Arts: Theme 3 Around Town

Story Selection:   Jamaica Louise James

Comprehension Strategy: Evaluate

Comprehension Skill: Making Inferences 

Our Classroom is Always Open so please stop by and say Hi!!!Laughing