Grading Policy

Grading Policies and Procedures

Students will receive letter grades (A, B, C, D, and E) for every subject.

Grading Factors
The county has a universal list of grading factors. The entire county will be using the same grading factors in every grade. Attached is a break down of all of the grading factors in all major subjects. In addition to the counties grading factors the second grade team is working very closely to ensure that we are grading similar assignments.

Grading Factors:

Thirty-five percent of each subject’s grade is classwork. Classwork grades will be based on a weekly 5 point rubricStudents have a RED classwork folder.  One side is labeled completed and the other side is labeled not completed.
Students receive 5 graded classwork assignments throughout the week.  Work that is not completed in class may be completed as "early finishers"( when the student has free time). All work is to be completed and submitted by FRIDAY AFTERNOON. No extension are provided.

Work Habits  

Grades for work habits will be based on all the work that students complete, including homework. Grades will also be based on the student’s classroom attitude towards completing their work. If students jump right into their work and work hard they will be graded highly. If a student must be reminded to refocus frequently they will receive a low grade.