Expectations Contract

Ms. Courier’s Classroom Expectations & Contract

  1. Respect your teacher, your peers, your classroom, & yourself
  2. Participate in classroom discussions & activities—this makes class fun PROMISE! *Ask questions, that’s what I am here for!*
  3. Come prepared & on time.
  4. Follow all school rules & expectations in your handbook.


Lab Expectations

  1. Respect the space & things given to you to work with—they aren’t free ya know.
  2. Act responsibly & get to work (no rough housing, sitting on counters, pretend “sword” fights, etc.)
  3. Area must be cleaned AND dried before anyone leaves.
  4. You must have a “C” average in class in order to participate in cooking labs—those who fall below this line will do book work & study the text.
  5. Know your recipe backwards & forwards before beginning—this just makes your life easier & your product yummier!


*I am here to help you help yourself, keep this in mind*





  • Verbal Warning
  • Conference with me
  • Contact/conference with parents
  • Conference with principal


Rewards Available

  1.  Homework Passes
  2. Extra Bathroom Pass
  3. Lowest Homework Grade Dropped

*These are case-by-case privileges that are just a little ‘Thank You’ for exceeding expectations & classroom leadership*





Materials Needed

  • Binder (1 ½-2 inch works best)
  • Loose leaf paper or spiral bound notebook
  • A 2-pocket folder—this will be kept in the classroom with assignments in it in case of discrepancies in grading, etc. –this also keeps things from getting lost
  • Pencils and/or blue/black pens ( I will not except neon pink, lime green, etc. ink on assignments or tests…these just hurt my eyes and make me frustrated.)
  • Red grading pen
  • A positive attitude & a willingness to learn!

*the binder & notebook must be designated for my class(es) only, they will be collected periodically for participation points*


Grading Procedure

All grades taken in this class will be averaged together (assignments, tests, quizzes, participation, etc.).  This makes it easy for you to keep track of your grades (plus it is easier for me as well).   The only exception will be semester examinations, which are based on a percentage system that is school-wide.


Dismissal Procedure

When the bell rings, you are to remain seated until I dismiss you.  The bell is not a green light to “go”—if I am saying something that would benefit you, you may miss it; this procedure eliminates this problem.



Portfolio Procedure

Your portfolio (2-pocket folder) is to have your name, class, and hour clearly labeled on the front.  This portfolio is to remain in the classroom at all times.  Your portfolio will contain ALL handed back assignments, papers, etc.  This allows for any confusion with grading to be addressed quickly & efficiently; this procedure also keeps things that will be valuable for the Final from getting lost.


Pass Procedure

My pass policy is as follows:  You are given 3 passes a quarter.  There will be a sign-out sheet which you must sign when you use a pass (this helps me keep track of your passes).  If you do not use all of your passes, you will be awarded 5 points extra credit per pass to your end-of-quarter grade.  If you use all of your passes, you must ask a friend to “loan” you one, which you must pay back the following quarter.  I understand there are emergencies, and I will deal with these on a case-by-case basis. 



*If there are any questions or concerns regarding anything please feel free to contact me at 618-826-2302 ext. 217*






**After you have read these expectations and other matters, I would like for you & your parents to sign & date the following contract.  This ensures that we are all on common ground and understanding on what I expect from you as a young adult and what you should expect from me as a teacher.     

I have read these expectations and will abide by them, or will suffer the consequences if I choose not to. 


Student’s signature                                                                                                                             Date


 I have read what is expected of my student and understand that he or she will suffer the consequences if he/she chooses not to abide by them.


Parent’s signature                                                                                                               Date
I promise to hold up these expectations & consequences fairly to all students in my classroom.


Teacher’s signature                                                                                                            Date