What You Can Expect From Me

        1)  To be on time and ready for class

        2) To explain the reasons behind what we are doing

        3) To make class as pleasant as possible

        4) To include the parents as much as possible with the class

        5) To make accommodations as necessary to increase the learning of every student

        6) To not be perfect, but to try my best anyways 


What I Expect From My Students

        1)  To be on time and prepared for class

        2) To quietly begin journals after entering the classroom

        3) To participate in class activities

       4) To do work to the best of your ability

        5) To be respectful of the people and things around you.


What to Expect as Consquences for Not Meeting Classroom Expectations

        1) To be warned verbally

        2)  To have to sit silent lunch

        3) To have time taken from break

        4) To have a call home to parents and be written up


What to Expect for Persistent Problems 

        1) To be moved to a different area of the room

        2) To have a conference with parents/guardians

        3) To have ISS/OSS