Teaching Philosophies

My Teaching Philosophies

On Teaching

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery".   - Mark Van Doren


     My job is to teach the students well. Although this

sounds simple, teaching is more than standing in front

of a room full of students and reciting knowledge. A

good teacher knows that students learn best from

action, not passive listening. Therefore, it is my job to

give the students plenty of opportunities to gain their

knowledge from experience and to practice it for

future use. Therefore, knowledge my students leave me

classroom will not be handed to them; but instead, it

will be earned.


   Students need to be active in their own learning. Not

only do they learn better by discovering the

information themselves, but they will feel accomplished and successful. This will raise self-esteem and teach them good

work habits.



On the Students

        I am privileged to meet and teach every one of my students. I believe that for students to learn, they must be

interested. I will do my best to always keep the students' interests and learning styles in mind when I am planning

each of my lessons. On the first day of class, the students will fill out a survey that will give me an idea of their

learning styles and interests. I will use their answers to formulate lessons that fulfill our learning objectives while

including their interests. The survey will also tell me about the students' learning styles. People do not all learn and

process information the same way. According to Dr. Howard Ganrer of Havard Univerisity, there are eight different 

intellegences or eight ways students learn. In order to help the students learn the material, we will interact with the

information in different ways, according to the different ways people learn.


    Another stategy to include students' interests is to give them choices. Not only will they have choice in the way

they present their projects, but in other areas, as well. In my teaching, I have found that students respond best to the

classroom rules and procedures that they have made themselves.  Together we will plan the way the classroom will be



    Finally, It is my goal for every one of them to succeed in my class and in their life after it. I will be available in

the mornings for extra help. I will also make other accommodations, as necessary. Every child learns and shows their

knowledge differently. In the past, I have modified assessments and notes and given alternativeassignments. My goal

is to allow the students to showcase their learning, in their own way. 


    No child is perfect. Because of this, I will do several things to help students remain on their best behavior. First,

 classroom routines will help the students focus on their class work. Second, being proactive will cut down on many

classroom problems. The key is to stop off task behaviors before they turn into bigger problems. If there is a

problem between students, I will separate students who do not learn well in close proximity to each other. Third,

keeping parents informed about their child's behavior is a great motivator to many students to behave well. Finally,

class time is precious with the amount of new information the students need to learn this year. We will be so busy in

class, that there will not be much chance for misbehavior during class.