Checklist for second phase of PowerPoint

The World in Spatial terms:


  • Absolute location of county assigned
  • Relative location of country assigned
  • What hemisphere is the country in? (Northern or Southern)


  • Places and Regions:


  • A brief history of the country which includes migration patterns
  • What names has the country or region had?
  • What people lived there originally?
  • What major conflicts (wars or battles) have they had?
  • What people(s) if any migrated in? (What caused the migration in?)
  • Are they currently at war or feuding with other countries? If so, what other countries are they at odds with? (With whom do they fight?)
  • What types of businesses do they have?
  • What other countries do they trade with?
  • How many square miles or kilometers is the country?
  • How many people live there?
  • What ethnic groups live there?
  • When it is 12 noon in New Orleans what time is it there? (Do they have more than time zone?)

  • Physical Systems:


  • A brief physical description of the country chosen, which includes: Names of specific landforms (Mountains, trenches, etc…)
  • Names of specific water resources (Streams, Rivers, Lakes, etc…)
  • A brief description of the climate What types of natural disasters are they prone to? (Ex: Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc…)

  • Human Systems:


  • What are the major religions?
  • What languages are spoken there?
  • What type of government do they have? (Democracy, Socialist, Parliamentary, Communist, etc….)
  • What type of currency do they use?
  • What type of economic system do they have? (Capitalism, Communism, Socialism)

  • Environment and Society:


  • What are their natural resources?
  • What minerals or fossil fuels do they mine for? (Do they have any shortages?)
  • What types of crops do they grow?
  • How do they use their natural resources? (Do they sell them? Consume them? Or Manufacture them?)
  • What environmental problems do they have? (What do they do to protect their environment? Laws, programs, etc…)

Number answered correctly:

26-28 = A 24-25=B 22-23=C 20-21=D <19 = F