About Me

Hello all 

My name is Frances Delgado. I am your child's special education teacher this year.

Educational Background

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Child Study and a Master's Degree in Literacy and Cognition. I hold four New York State teaching certificates in both General Education and Special Education. 

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching for three years in multiple educational settings. My first year, I serviced students grades Kindergarten to Fifth, in need of Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS). I enjoyed collaborating with other teachers to best meet the students' needs. My second year, I serviced students in a self-contained Special Education classroom, grades Kindergarten through second. There, I had ten students which required additional supports of paraprofessionals and related services including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy, as well as counseling. My most recent setting was in a Kindergarten Integrated Co-Teaching Classroom. 


I enjoy reading, paper crafts and spending time with my loved ones. I also enjoy taking walks when the weather is nice. Family is extremely important to me, as well as culture. As a native Spanish speaker, I often try to incorporate the language into my teaching. Below I have included a list of my favorite things. I cannot wait to see if your children and I have similar interests!


Book        Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes
Color Avatar (or teal; crayola crayon: jungle green)
Food pizza, cheese burgers and milkshakes!
Movie The Little Mermaid and The Incredibles
Hobby making paper crafts



I enjoy teaching and getting to work with different students. I am looking forward to this academic school year. Let's work together to make your child's educational experience a wholesome and memorable one!


-Ms. Delgado