Student's Educational Websites

Educational Websites

Plinky Skipping a Rope 




Parent Student Handbook
English    Spanish Student Portal

AAA Math

Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills. Interactive Practice on every page. An explanation of the math topic on each page. Several Challenge Games on every page. Math Problems are randomly created.


Bill Nye The Science Guy

Meet Bill Nye from the television show. Do experiments on-line!


Crayola Creativity Central

Lots of creative things to do. Student Portal

Miami Dade County Public Schools' own portal with numerous links for students.


Enchanted Learning

Enchanted Learning attempts to produce the best educational material, emphasizing creativity and the pure enjoyment of learning.

Terrific site to learn about wildlife and plants.



The most comprehensive, free, educational kids software site. Funschool caters to children from pre-school through sixth grade. Funschool's entertaining, educational content is updated regularly, and FREE! Come and play while you learn at funschool.


Groilier Multimedia Encyclopedia

(For elementary, middle and senior high levels)
Based on the Academic American Encyclopedia. Contains thousands of new and expanded articles, extensive hyperlinking, bibliographies, and links to other sources of information on the web...updated monthly.


Internet Public Library

Home-grown guides written by IPL staff which are intended to help you get started doing research on a particular topic, both online and at your local library.


Kids Domain

You'll find oodles of reviews, feature articles, regular columns and more.


Learning Planet

Fun, Educational Activities and Games.

Students discover fun and practical Web links, challenging interactive activities, and rewarding practice and review ideas.



This Nasa site is dedicated to kids of all ages.


National Geographics

National Geographic now has a kids section. This well know storehouse of knowledge is available on the web with a kids section that is excellent. Amazing facts, cartoon factory, GeoBee Challenge, family expeditions and more. National Geographic even provides a PenPal network for the kids.


PBS Kids

Learn from other kids and play with your favorite PBS characters -- from ARTHUR to ZOBOOMAFOO! On PBS KIDS, you can sneak a peek "Backstage at PBS," hear from other kids in "Get Real," or explore over 100 games and fun activities. To uncover the best games, most interesting stories, and coolest facts on PBS Kids, just jump in and explore!

Baby-sitters Club, Magic School Bus, Clifford, Animorphs, Goosebumps, I Spy... and more


700 Great Sites For Students

Compiled by the Children and Technology Committee of the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association.


Smithsonian Institution

Access to Smithsonian libraries and other museum resources.


Sports Illustrated for Kids

Games, fantasy leagues, sports news and more!


The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

One of the yuckiest and best Science places yet.


Time for Kids

TimeForKids, the online sister of TIME for Kids magazine, is the news and information destination on the Internet built just for YOU. puts you inside the news with late-breaking stories and one-of-a-kind insight, special features, exciting games, and cool research tools designed to connect you to the world!


UnderWater World

Everything you ever wanted to know about sea creatures! See real sharks, eels and more!


Weekly Reader Galaxy

Weekly Reader teaches reading, critical thinking, current events, geography, science, citizenship, and much more.


Yahoo! Kids

Web guide for kids


Between the lions  literacy resources—for emerging readers.

Starfall Primarily designed for first grade, Starfall is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade. 

Alphabet goop  interactive educational content that informs, inspires, and stimulates curiosity and thought.

Word Builder/I know that  Multiple games, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Thinking Games, Math, Art

H.I.P. Pocket Change  (K-5th) The United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site showcases the connection between this country's coins and its people.  This site cross-curricular classroom resource it can be used for math and history. HIP has cartoon videos, games, puzzles, mysteries, and riddles.

World Almanac  (2nd-12th) This website is a cross-curricular classroom resource it can be use for math, history, language, science, and geography. The site is accurate and updated every year. It is great website that can help students in their research and reports. World almanac provides information that will engage the learner via fun games and visuals. This website has multiple resources for Spanish speaking students.

Time for Kids  (k-6th) a powerful teaching tool that builds reading and writing skills and is easily integrated across the curriculum, including social studies, science and math. This website links student to the best sites on the web according to subject area. Time for kids provides multiple interactive games reinforcing what is being taught in the classroom.

National Geographic (k-6th) National Geographic Kids is a website that includes materials on animals, people and our world. At Kids national geographic students can learn about our planet, play games, watch videos, test students geography skills and print out craft ideas, recipes and science experiments to try.  National Geographic is a great source or reference for students doing research/reports.

Sheppard Software Uses multimedia to make education fun for students.

Scholastic Scholastic produces educational materials to assist and inspire students: * To cultivate their minds to utmost capacity * To become familiar with our cultural heritage * To strive for excellence in creative expression in all fields of learning, literature, and art * To seek effective ways to live a satisfying life * To enlarge students' concern for and understanding of today's world * To help build a society free of prejudice and hate, and dedicated to the highest quality of life in community and nation

NetzSmart This page is designed to show educators and administrators how to use NetSmartz int eractive materials in their classrooms, accumulate more information about Internet safety and technology, and take steps to bring their classrooms into the 21st century.

Geonet Geonet is a game for social studies geography.

Word Central World Central by Merriam-Webster, interactive website, is a language art tool. It can help build vocabulary. It is intended for early elementary and middle school. It is a website to help you write. You can use it to look up words in the dictionary (all ages), thesaurus (all ages), and rhyming words (all ages). The rhyming words are good for poems.

illuminations Illuminations is designed to: * Provide Standards-based resources that improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students. * Provide materials that illuminate the vision for school mathematics set forth in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. Illuminations is part of the prestigious Verizon Thinkfinity program

Edugames This interactive game has students completing cloze stories with designated parts of speech.

Gamegoo Learning that sticks Educational earobics provides a research based, comprehensive reading intervention program that helps improve reading proficiency, reading skills

Kaboose  This award-winning resource website offers more than 10,000 pages of topical content relating to parenting and education and thousands of ideas and tips to enhance the family Internet experience.

Funbrain Educational games for your students.

gamequarium Gamequarium is a portal to online, educational, interactive games and learning activities.


**I strongly recommend parents  preview the websites prior to allowing  students to use them!!