I will post homework daily so that a student can see it from home if they forgot to write it down or were absent! Your student has a yellow homework folder that will go home daily. There will be 3 homework assignments each night Monday-Thursday. The assignments will consist of spelling, math, and a parent/guardian signature. All 3 assignments must be complete to receive credit, including signature of parent or guardian. Please remember to do your homework every night.

Spelling Homework: [See Spelling word page for list]

Mondays: Write each word 3 times each.

Tuesdays: Rainbow words for each spelling word. All cosonants are one color and all vowels are another. Example: teacher

Wednesdays: Hide all spelling words in a picture!

Thursdays: Study spelling words with parent/guardian for spelling test Friday!

Math Homework:

9/2: none

9/3: Addition fact and counting on worksheet

9/17-9/24 Language Arts homework until Math Program homework is printed.