For Parents



Monday -- Practice Spelling Words

Tuesday -- Writing Homework

Wednesday --Math Homework

Thursday -- Practice Spelling Words 

 Friday -- Reading Homework


Ways to Help Your Child Study Spelling Words

 -Allow your child to write the spelling words in different ways:  with paint, with letter cards, with markers, on the computer, etc.

-Use the cards your child brings home to play sight word memory -- flip all cards face down and take turns picking up two cards to see whether they match.  Keep all matching pairs. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

 -Help your child find and cut out letters from magazines and newspapers to spell her words

 -Write the spelling words for your child and allow her to trace the letters in different colors

-Point out the spelling words in books and magazines, on TV, etc.

-Encourage your child to write sentences with her spelling words

-Give your child a practice spelling test. Read each word to your child and require her to write the word from memory.