ABC's of Kindergarten

ABC's of Kindergarten
  • Arrival/Dismisal: Students may begin arriving in classrooms at 8:30.  School begins at 8:50.  Students are dismissed at 3:05 pm.
  • Attendance: It is very important for students to attend school eveyday on time to ensure they benefit from all the learning we do!  Please call the school at 301-929-2010 if your child is going to be absent!

  •  Breakfast: Breakfast is provided free for all students in their classrooms everyday.  If they would like breakfast, students must arrive by 8:40 a.m.
  • Behavior: Our students follow the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System).  Your children will bring home a report every day with their ending color (Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, Purple).  If they follow all directions, they stay on Green.  One behavioral warning, and they move down to Yellow, then Orange, etc. 
  • Birthdays: We love to celebrate brithdays on the last Friday of the month!  If you would like to bring in a treat for your child's class, please make sure it is store-bought and has no nuts!
  • Calander: Each month, a calendar will be stapled to the inside of your child's take-home folder.  This calendar will be used to keep you updated on your child's behavior!  At the end of every day, I will stamp your child's calendar with their PBIS color.  Please check and contact me if you have any questions!
  • Conferences: In November, we will have our first parent-teacher conference!  Please feel free to schedule any other conferences during the school year!
  • Communication: I believe parent-teacher communication is one of the most important ways to be a part of your child's schooling.  Please feel free to contact me through email at, by calling the school at 301-929-2010, or sending in a note with your child.  I will respond as soon as I can!
  • Discipline: Our classroom and school are a community where students respect one another.  As part of PBIS, students stay respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.  Any time they are not following those rules, a warning is given, and students are asked to move their clips to Yellow or further down.  When students are respectful, responsible and ready to learn, they will recieve coupons!
  • Data Notebooks: Each quarter, your child will be bringing home their data notebook to share with you.  This notebook shows the progress your child is making towards meeting our end-of the year goals.  Please review the data notebooks with your child and return them to school!
  • Data Walls:  Please visit our classroom to see our data wall!  It contains information about where our class is towards meeting the end of the year kindergarten goals!
  • Dismissal: We dismiss school at 3:05 each day.  Bus and car riders will be delivered to those locations, and Kindergarten walkers will meet their families outside the gym on the side of the school.  If there is a change to your child's usual dismissal, please send in a note or call the school!
  • ESOL: At the beginning of Kindergarten, all students are tested to see if they qualify for our English as a Second Language Program.  If your child does test into the program, you will be notified!
  • Early Pick-Up: If you need to pick up your child early from school, please go to the office first, and they will call down to get your child!

  • Field Trips: We go on several field trips throughout the year, including to the Pumpkin Patch and the National Zoo!  Permission slips will come home to inform you of the trip.  Chaperones will be selected on a first come, first serve basis!  Hopefully you can join us for one trip!
  • Fire Drills: We have monthly fire drills that are usually unannounced.  The first one can be a little nerve-racking for kindergartners, but we will practice and discuss it before the drill!
  • Grades: Kindergartner's grades consist of recieving a P (Proficient), I (In progress) or N (not yet) to explain where they are towards meeting an end-of-the year goal.
  • Guided Reading: Small group reading lessons are held every day to help your child learn to read independently.  This time is called Guided Reading.  Your child will be bringing leveled books home to read to you - please return them each day.  Guided reading is essential to help your child achieve our end of kindergarten goal of reading on a level 10!
  • Green Parties: If your student stays on green everyday for the month, they get to go to the On-Green Party and recieve a special treat!  Students love them, so encourage your child to stay on green!
  • Helpers: Each day, a different child will get a chance to be my special helper!  We rotate through the class multiple times throughout the year.  The job of the helper is to lead our line, pass out papers, read the morning message, and be my special helper!
  • Homework: Kindergartners recieve a homework packet on Monday, and the packet is due back to me on Friday.  Please assist your child in practicing the skills they have learned by completing the packet!
  • Illness: While daily attendance is important, if your child is sick, they should stay home so they can get better!  This helps other students stay healthy, and can get your child back to school faster!  Remember, your child should be fever-free for 24 hours before they return! 

  • Journals: Our writing journals are used everyday to help students become more successful writers - yes, even in Kindergarten!  Your child will bring their journal home at the end of the year - check out how their writing has changed!
  • Kindergarten: Kindergartners are very important people, and they will learn skills here that will help them throughout their lives.  We work hard, but we still have fun!

  • Lunch: Students eat lunch in the cafeteria from 11:00-11:30.  Your child may bring a lunch from home, or purchase a school lunch for $2.50.  Free and Reduced Meal Forms to determine your eligibility for Free and Reduced Meals will be sent home in September - please fill out and return!  Students choose their lunches when they come to school each day - you will get a daily lunch calendar every month!
  • Literacy Centers: Each day children work in their Literacy Centers from 9:30-11:00.  In centers they practice reading, writing, and other lanugage arts skills.  I will check their center work each day and give them stars if it is complete!
  • Library: Kindergartners can check out 1 library book for 2 weeks.  Please read your book with your child and return it so they can get a new book!

  • Math Centers: Each day, your child will work in math centers to practice their math skills!
  • Math: Our kindergarten math curriculum uses hands-on manipulatives to build the foundation for higher-level thinking and problem solving.  At the beginning of every unit, you will recieve a newsletter sharing an overview of the unit
  • Notes/Newsletters: Please check your child's folder every day for notes or newsletters - they keep you updated!

  • Open House: In October, we will have an open house where you can come in and check out our classroom and your child at work!  I hope you will be able to join us!

  • Parent Involvement: Your involvement in our class and school makes a HUGE difference!  If you would like to volunteer, please see our Parent Involvement Coordinator, Mrs. Saladino in the Parent Corner!
  • P.E.: Every week, your child will have Physical Education with Mrs. Powell!  Please make sure they are wearing sneakers on those days!
  • Progress Reports: During the 1st and 3rd quarters, every child will receive a progress report to let you know how they are doing!  Additional progress reports may be sent throughout the year as needed!
  • Parties/Celebrations: We have several celebrations throughout the year that we would love to see you at!  They include the Fall Festival, the 100th Day of School, and Valentine's Day!  We will send home information about each of the parties before they occur to give you more information!

  • Questions: If you ever have any questions, please feel free to write me a note, give me a call (301-929-2010), or send me an email (!
  • Recess: Kindergartners play outside for 30 minutes each day, unless there is inclimate weather!  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather!
  • Report Cards: Kindergartners receive report cards after the 2nd and 4th marking periods.
  • Reading Books: Students will begin bringing home their Guided Reading Books during the 1st quarter.  Please listen to your child read the book, then return it the next day so instruction can continue!
  • Read with me, Talk with me: These books will come home on Monday with your child's homework.  Please read the book to your child and have them fill out the packet on the story elements (1 per day).  Read with me, Talk with me packets are due back on Friday!

  • School Supplies: Backpack (not rolling)
    Plastic school supply box (I call this as a “toolbox.”)
    Pencils (Plain pencils are best; fancy ones are hard to sharpen.)
    Box of 16 or 24 crayons (Crayola are best.)
    Bottle of 4 oz. glue
    2 large glue sticks
    1 pair of Fiskars primary scissors
    1 box of 4 "Expo" brand dry erase markers
    1 box washable watercolor markers (Crayola are best.)
    1 roll of paper towels
    1 box tissues
    1 Crayola watercolor paint set (8 colors)
  • Science: Our science curriculum focuses on inquiry and problem solving.  Check our newsletter to see what we are working on!
  • Social Studies: In kindergarten, we learn about our school, community, and country in our social studies curriculum.  Check our newsletter to see what we are working on!

  • Toys: Toys distract students from their learning.  Please make sure your child leaves all toys at home so all students can stay focused!

  • Unique: All Kindergartners are unique and different.  We celebrate those differences and embrace the ways differences can add to our classroom!

  • Visitors: All visitors should sign in first in the office - this ensures our school stays a safe place!

  • Weller Road: Our school is a community of learners who are focused on high achievement!
  • Writing: The kindergarten writing curriculum focuses on personal expression.  Your child will use inventive spelling until they learn the spelling rules of the language - please let them sound out words themselves!

  • eXciting: This year is an exciting time, and I am so excited to be sharing it with you!

  • You: You are the most important teacher your child will ever have!
  • ZZZZZ: Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep each night so they are ready to learn!