Data and Progress Monitoring

These days, educators and administrators are relying on data to help our students succeed. We keep track of how our students are performing through all kinds of tests and records, and we use the information to judge student achievement.

It is my goal to maintain accurate, up-to-date records on your child's progress. The records will be based on test scores (SAT10, FCAT, Discovery, and in-class tests), classwork, and teacher observation. This information is crucial because I can use it to better understand your child's strengths and weaknesses. Then, I can use it to adjust my teaching to better meet your child's needs.

My students will also have personal data folders, in which they can keep track of their performance on reading, math, and spelling tests. I will conference with each student regarding their performance every two weeks or as needed. In this way, I will encourage your child to take control of his/her own learning.