The Marble Jar and Other Rewards

To promote a positive classroom environment, I praise my students for genuine effort towards their personal and class goals. Students who work hard can earn great privileges.

Sparkle Cards

Students who show exemplary behavior according to the class expectations can earn a sparkle card. The sparkle card is placed on top of the green card in the classroom card system. Students who earn their sparkle card will have 5 minutes of free time at the end of the day beginning at 2:40pm. During this time, students may choose to talk quietly, visit the computers, read a book, draw, or any other privileges I make available. Sparkle cards can be earned on a daily basis.

Students who have maintained their green card or sparkle card for the entire month will be invited to eat in the classroom on the last Friday of each month.

Star Bucks

Students who show exemplary behavior according to the school-wide STAR rules can earn a star buck. Every two weeks, our school holds a special event for students who have earned at least 15 starbucks within that period. Once every nine weeks, students who have earned a set amount of starbucks will earn a special reward.

The Marble Jar

The marble jar is a system that promotes positive class teamwork. When the entire class displays excellent behavior, I will place a handful of marbles in the marble jar. Excellent behavior can include receiving a compliment from another teacher, everyone in the class having a green or sparkle card, or even everyone doing well on a test. When the marble jar is full, our class will plan a marble party, which involves a fun activity and a special treat during one lunch period. After the celebration, we empty the jar and begin again.

AR Rewards

Students who achieve their AR goals for each nine weeks will participate in an AR rewards activity organized by the school librarian.