Author's Chair!!

Author's Chair

We will have an event called "Author's Chair" monthly. At this event, all students will be reading a piece that they wrote and are proud of. It is a way to celebrate completing a task and also offers students a chance to develop self-esteem in themselves because writing is not easy! Parents are always welcome at these events, which will be held in the classroom. Notices will be sent home in advance with the date and time included. There will be light snacks available for students and parents. The following snacks can be brought in by students on the day of the event. (Announcements with dates and times will be sent home in advance.)

Potato chips, donuts, cake, cookies, crackers, Pretzels, juices, napkins, cups.

No candy nor soda will be accepted.

   A "special thank you" for the parents who came to Authors Chair in October. Presence makes a difference!

Thank you to those students and parents who contributed snacks to our October's Author Chair. The students are most grateful for your thoughts.