November Extra Credit Assignment


6th Grade Creative Writing Extra Credit Assignment

Due:  November 30, 2012

Title:  Create your own Holiday


Directions:        The assignment must be published before handing in.  If it looks like a rough draft, it will not receive credit.  This assignment must be 3 verses and neatly written (or typed).  This assignment will NOT be accepted late.


Assignment:      You will be creating your very own holiday.  Your project will include 2 pieces. The 1st piece will be a poster that promotes the holiday. The poster should include a picture or symbol that illustrates what is being celebrated, the name of the holiday as well as the date. It can be in the form of an invitation that invites people to participate in an activity but it does not have to be an invitation. It should be done on construction paper!

            The 2nd piece is an article that will be published in a newspaper. This article should be at least 3 paragraphs and should include all of the following information in order to receive extra credit:

            *          the name and date of the holiday

            *          the reason behind this day being a holiday, what thoughts or observations              

                        lead you to believe this occasion is WORTH celebrating

            *          the ways in which it will be celebrated (for example, festivals, dinners,

                        costumes, etc.)

            *          the traditions that will be associated with this holiday (dinner for

                        Thanksgiving, costumes for Halloween, Santa for Christmas, etc)

            *          make sure to include who will be celebrated, where will the events take

                        place, why is this a holiday, what will be included in the celebration and

                        when it will happen every year


If you have any questions or concerns, write me a note or email me.