Please check out the extra credit assignment due at the end of October. It is not mandatory but will earn you extra points if completed correctly. Mark the due date on the calendar because I do not accept late assignments. You have an entire month to do it!!!


6th Grade Writing Extra Credit Assignment

Due October 31, 2012

Title: “My Hero”


Directions:        The assignment must be published before handing in.  If it looks like a rough draft, it will not receive credit.  This assignment must be 6 paragraphs and neatly written (or typed).


Assignment:      You will be writing an essay on your hero.  Your hero must be someone that you know personally, not a celebrity.  In your essay, you should include what a hero is to you and why you chose this person. Write about special traits that this person has that you admire.  In your essay, you should include a summary of an experience that you had with this person that you will never forget or helped you overcome an obstacle.  Explain how your hero has taught you something valuable or made you who you are.


If you have any questions, come see me in Room 250 or email me.  I will answer all questions but not during class time.

Go to the "Linked To Knowledge" tab at the top of the page. There is a link there that may help you pre-write and organize your extra credit assignment!