Social Studies Extra Credit Assignment


Social Studies Project

Due, Monday, April 1, 2013


You have studied several locations since September. Please choose one of the 5 listed below and complete the following assignment. This is an extra credit assignment, If completed completely and correctly, it will count as a project grade (50%).


Locations to choose from:


Middle East

River Valley Civilizations


Once you have chosen your location, create a brochure which will illustrate (Drawing) and explain the key geographic locations and a brief description of each.  Decorate your brochure as if you are trying to persuade someone to visit this location. Be creative but use facts!!


Make another brochure regarding the nearest River to your location. Discuss the features of this River and why it is so important to the life of the people who visit there as well as live there. Inside of the brochure, include the facts and a tanka poem which describes the River.


Create a flag for the location. Be ORIGINAL! Make sure that the flag is appropriate for the place. Pictures or symbols should be associated with that location.


Finally, create an artifact that represents the location. You can choose one of the following suggestions listed below.

*          write a letter as if you are a resident of the location you chose. In the letter discuss daily life, advantages, disadvantages and accomplishments related to the area.


*          write a newspaper article explaining an event that took place in this area. Be descriptive and base the event on facts that you know about the area. Answer all of the 5 W’s and include a picture/flyer that celebrates the event.