Classroom Policies

Behavior, Procedures, and Consequences    

     Our goal as third grade teachers is to provide a safe environment, which promotes health, happiness, and encouragement so that each student may learn to the best of his or her ability.  That being said, in order for this to happen, we must maintain procedures.  Procedures are attached.  We will practice these repeatedly at the beginning of the year, until a habit is made of them.  They will be used throughout the entire year.     

     Bullying and/or harassment will not be permitted in our classrooms, on school premises, or on field trips.  There are consequences listed in the school handbook, which informs you of the exact consequences. These will be reviewed in the classroom as a class.  Please encourage your child to speak to his or her teacher about any problems with bullying or harassment.      Of course, there will be and are problems which come up occasionally.  In order to deal with these problems, we have to have classroom consequences.  In order for the students to take ownership of their behaviors, we allow the students to participate in coming up with appropriate consequences.  The students have established the following consequences:  1) If you are on a one, your behavior is good. 2) A two means that you have received a warning. 3) A three means that you will lose recess for that day.  4) A four results in a parent phone call as well as missing recess for the rest of the week.  5) A five results in an office referral.  You will be notified of what number your child is on via the planner.  Please check and sign your child’s planner nightly.     

     Also, we have a welcoming spot in each classroom called, “Australia.”  If a student needs some time to regain composure, take some time to calm down, or just think about their behavior, they may go to Australia.  Australia is a semi-private spot that is safe for each child to deal with emotions.