Rules and Expectations

Shenandoah Middle School

Museum Magnet



Intensive Reading- Ms. Brown

Class Expectations and Behavior

  1. Bring all materials to class each day.  

You will need to bring your notebook, paper, pencil, pen and Home Learning assignments to class EVERY DAY. Do not borrow materials. You are responsible for bringing your own.


  1. When the bell rings, be in your seats and prepared to begin work.

      SMS tardy policy will be enforced. Please be on time.


  1. Absolutely no electronic devices or hats should be present in class.

SMS policy will be strictly enforced.


  1. Use the restroom during the break BETWEEN classes.

   If a student has a medical condition, a note from the doctor must be provided.


  1. Be respectful of others.

   Raise your hands if you would like to speak or be recognized in class

   Use appropriate school language while speaking

   Use your inside voice while speaking

   Use kind language such as: “Please, Thank you, Excuse me, and I’m sorry’ when necessary


  1. No food candy or gum is allowed in the classroom

Throw items in the trash or store them inside your book bag BEFORE coming inside the classroom


  1. Participate

Everyone is expected to participate in all assignments and activities. Challenge yourself! Missing home learning, assignments, and/or class materials will result in detention or failing grade. If student fails to turn assignments on time and/or fail to organize or complete assignment correctly, students’ grades will be lowered by a whole letter grade.

Ex.  Student turns in a paper that deserves a “B”, will receive a “C”, if it is turned in late.


*The above consequences and procedures are basic protocol; however, the teacher reserves the right to alter the protocol should the student deem necessary.