Updated 5/3/2010 


Reading- Continue working on your 4th qaurter book talks

Writing- Poem Books

Science- Preview lab 73

Social Studies- Africa Books (ABC)


Math- Study for Wednesday Test


  • DARE Graduation is tomorrow from 9:30-11:00 AM!!!
  • Flower shop- Thursday  (Bring money if you want to buy a flower for your mom.)
  • ECFC-May 13th (Bring a children's book)
  • Spelling Bee-May 13th


Future Assignments/Assessments

Extra Credit:

Review a current event online, in a newspaper, or on the television. Then write a paragraph summary of the event, as well as a paragraph about why this event is important to you. Bring to class both paragraphs and share it with the class. It is helpful if you can also bring in a copy of the article to show your classrates. Each current event is worth one extra credit point. You may do as many as you would like. Have fun!